We are united by the waters on our planet. Driven by the currents at sea. Grateful for every swell, ride and inspiration of the mysterious ocean.

We are one with what is all around us. What unites us is our deep respect for the ocean. Her strength, diversity and endless beauty is what inspires us. Day in Day out. She gives us freedom, balance, and oxygen. We go with the waves. Law of the sea is a menswear brand, committed to bring the ultimate day-to-day line up with an oceanic approach.

‘Inspired by the ocean’s diversity, we aim to create a wide variety of high quality everyday clothes.’

LAW OF THE SEA brings accessible clothes that are appealing to a wide range of customers. Every wave is different. No swell is the same. We move like the ocean to bring a versatile collection that includes both wardrobe essentials and staple styles for an array of occasions.

‘We will always endeavor to put the ocean in focus to express the gratitude we have for all that the big blue is bringing us’

It’s like catching the perfect wave, where everything has to be in balance. When fabrics, color, fit and production all come together in the right way, we take off and go. We keep exploring fresh ways to express the gratitude we feel toward the big blue. From incorporating sea inspired details in our design, enhancing our production process to teaming up with marine conservation organizations to give back to the ocean.